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Why Is There Still A Debate About Gay Marriage?

Why Is There Still A Debate About Gay Marriage?

In Australia, in 2017, we are STILL having a debate about whether or not gay marriage should be legalised.

In the one corner we have.. the Christian lobby. And in the other corner, pretty much everyone else.

So, here’s the thing. I personally find that Christianity is a load of old codswallop. However, if you want to believe something, that’s your business and I fully support your right to hold a religious belief.

However what I don’t support you saying that because up until about the last 50 years you have managed to hold a privileged position in society that allowed you to impose your rules on everyone, that you should still have it now.

I understand. It must be a wrench. So much social progress in such a short time. Once upon a time, the church said something and the whole of society, from the top down, moved.

But now, in Australia, on the question of religion the largest single group of people (according to the latest census) is no religion, at around 30%. The next largest is Catholicism with 26%.

And when it comes religion, how many of these people deeply hold religious beliefs and how many just reflexively answer, “Oh yeah, I’m a catholic”, simply because their family has historically always been Catholic? This is actually borne out by the figures. Less than one in 7 people who put down Christian on their census form actually attend church.

Apparently, from the best information I can gather (from 2013), 1.8 million Australians attend church weekly. Wow, that’s a lot isn’t it? Actually no it’s not. It is in fact only 7.5% of the population.

So that 7.5% of the population are the truly religious. I ask you now. Why does what what can be described in no other way than being a tiny minority feel they have a right to impose their views on the rest of us?

Well, like I said, historically that always been the way it has been. In addition to that what has happened in the past 30 years is that political party membership in Australia has dwindled. As a result it has allowed those with strong religious views to infiltrate political parties. The amount of strongly religious politicians in our parliament is out of all proportion to the level of religiosity in our society. Naturally this means that they are more likely to give greater weight to religious views, even though they shouldn’t.

From my point of view, the gay marriage debate boils down to the following. If you are opposed to gay marriage, don’t have one. It’s as simple as that.

If you hold strong views against gay marriage based on your religion, that’s fine. If you want to deny other people their rights based on that opposition, that’s not fine. In fact I have news for you. I know that your opposition to gay marriage is really opposition to gay people in general. I know that you really find the idea that gay people have sex abhorrent and you’d rather they didn’t. I know there are those among you that pine for the old days when gay sex was illegal.

I have to tell you this, right now. Gay people are having sex now. Gay people are living together. Gay people are bringing up children. And this is without gay marriage being legal.

I’d like to close with the words of Joe Rogan on gay marriage. “There are only 2 reasons for being opposed to gay marriage. One – you’re an idiot. Or two – you’re secretly worried that dicks are delicious”.

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