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One More Self Help Charlatan

One More Self Help Charlatan

In general  I like to think I’m a fairly positive person. However there are certain things I really don’t like.

One of those is the self help industry.

Why don’t I like it is because it promises something that simply fails to deliver, except for the self help guru.

Cui Bono.. it’s Latin for “who benefits?”. In most circumstances you can determine a lot from asking that question. In this case, when you look at a self help seminar, it’s not hard to see who benefits. Is it the hundreds of people in the audience jumping up and down to the tune of the puppet master on stage, or is it the puppet master?

Clearly this is a rhetorical question. It’s quite obvious it’s the puppet master. He’s the one making millions out of this. He makes millions out of it by giving the people in the audience hope, hope that they too may make the move from their current hum-drum existence to a world of abundant wealth.

But how many people actually make the step up from where they are to where the guru promises? From what I have previously read, not too many.

The latest dickhead to come to my attention is Brendon Burchard. In order to get a little 2 page PDF file which tells his 5×50 productivity formula, you have to give your email address to him. Fair trade. I just give my “especially for junk mail address”.

The information I am given is fair, if not exactly ground breaking. What I take exception to is his assertion that it will  increase focus, energy and effectiveness by 30%. Where did he pull that figure from? Out of his arse I would say.

But anyway, not a real big deal in the grand scheme of things. However, I also had the misfortune to view a portion of his promo video.  In it, and this is what I see as the snake oil bit, he is bouncing across the stage clapping his hands in the air and you can see the audience clapping their hands above their heads too.

it has the look of an evangelical church. It has that look because the techniques they’re using are the same.

We like to think of our lives as guided by rational decisions, but we are not. Most people’s lives are guided by emotion. These gurus know what, and that’s why they use these evangelical techniques. They get you high on emotion and you sign on the bottom line.

You part with your money (thousands) and go on a weekend course. You finish the weekend exhausted but pumped. Your new life starts now. And so it does. Generally for about 2 weeks.

After that you find that ingrained habits are hard to break with a single weekend seminar. Oh well, never mind. Chalk it up to experience mate.

These gurus are selling a dream. People love to dream.

Yes you can make lasting change in your life, but not from these guys. You create lasting change through meditation, visualisation and self hypnosis. I recommend that you invest your time in learning these things, and leave the self help gurus for the gullible.

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A guy obsessed with stripping down whatever field he studies to get the optimum return from effort expended. Sort of like Tim Ferriss, except with zero fame.

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