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Incels – A New Level Of Entitled Idiocy – And The Jordan Peterson Connection

Incels – A New Level Of Entitled Idiocy – And The Jordan Peterson Connection

For those of you who have been living under a rock, allow me to explain the term Incel. It is simply a contraction of the words Involuntarily Celibate.

It is, apparently, an online subculture of men who are unable to find sexual partners, despite desiring them. As the Wikipedia entry explaining the Incel movement says, discussions in Incel forums “Are often characterized by resentment, misanthropy, self-pity, self-loathing, misogyny, racism, a sense of an entitlement or a right to sex, and the endorsement of violence against sexually active people.”

OK, so you get the picture now? A bunch of self pitying jerks. Which would be fine in the past, since they would have been alone in their misery. Problem is, with the Internet, people like these can communicate and validate their ideas amongst themselves.

By participating in online forums ideas such as the idea that violence against sexually active people is OK are normalised. Before such online forums a guy who couldn’t get laid would just stay at home in his parent’s basement with a copy of Penthouse and jerk off and cry all day.

But unfortunately, a guy like this now gets on the Internet.. whines to other misfits like himself who endorse the self pitying beliefs.

I get it guys. It must be terrible to not be able to get a girlfriend when you want one. All men can relate to this. I don’t think there are many men in the world who haven’t gone through a “dry patch”. When you’re young, it’s a fact of life for males. Not uncommon for guys between 16 and 21 or 22 to go months without a girl or sex.

However, in this day and age of entitlement, it’s not the guys’ fault. Suddenly it has become the fault of the women. The guys no longer take a long hard look at themselves and say, “I need to change”. What they instead do is harbour a festering resentment against women and society.

Way to go guys. Nothing turns a girl on more that a hateful, resentful, self pitying, entitled, moody guy.

If these guys just stuck to their little corners of the Internet, there wouldn’t be a problem. However, the validation they get for their ideas has a consequence.

The most recent example of this is the guy in Toronto, Alex Minassian, who drove his van into people, killing 10 and injuring 16, all because he couldn’t  get laid.  News flash Alex – you’ve got no chance of getting laid (by a female) now.

Into this mess, along comes Jordan Peterson. Now on the one hand, the guy’s really smart. He’s parlaying his 15 minutes of fame into cold hard cash.

On the other hand, if he actually believes the shit he spouts, he’s one of the dumbest people in the world today.

I personally am fascinated by the dumb smart person phenomenon. Top of the list to my is a guy by the name of Ben Carson. Carson is a neurosurgeon, so you would think that qualifies him as a reasonably intelligent person. What it seems though is that he had the ability to get the focussed knowledge required to become a neurosurgeon without having the ability to form a single coherent thought outside of the field of neurosurgery. For more read How is Ben Carson both so incredibly smart and so spectacularly stupid?

Ben Carson is the king of stupid smart people. But now I think that Jordan Peterson is jealous of him and seeks the title. He insists that all atheists really believe in god deep down (even if they don’t know that they believe). Now the idea that you can know what another believes better than they know themselves is pretty fucking dumb, but he’s not finished yet.

The latest idiocy from Peterson is in response to the Alex Minassian crime is that there should be something called “enforced monogamy”. Now I’m not entirely sure what Peterson means by this. The reason I’m not is entirely sure is that Peterson is very good at obfuscating and back tracking, but that said, let’s examine what he said without trying to put words in his mouth.

It is important to stick to what he says, because he does his best when you object to his idiocy to claim that he didn’t actually say what he said.. he was misinterpreted.. taken out of context.. was talking hypotheticals.. was playing devil’s advocate. You know – all the things that slippery weasels say when what they say is turned back on them.

Peterson’s idea is that the better looking and charismatic high status men are what all the women want and that as a result those who don’t have those qualities miss out on getting a mate all together. His idea is that if culturally, monogamy was enforced (like the good old days) then the women would have to settle for less. The societal payoff would be that you wouldn’t have a bunch of angry young men threatening the stability of society. Hmmmmm, I don’t know how it would  be enforced, but it sounds like Peterson is in favour of arranged marriages to me.

So you can decide what it is.. the rantings of a disturbed moron .. or a very astute man who knows his audience. He knows that the people who are giving him his 15 minutes of fame are angry young white men of the “alt-right”. As long as he is anti SJW and anti political correctness and spouts rubbish like enforced monogamy, his audience will keep coming back for more. Why? Because everyone wants to listen to someone who reinforces their own world view, no matter how fucked up that world view is. And if you’re not getting laid and Jordan Peterson tells you it’s the women’s fault, not yours, you’re lapping that right up.

As for me, I have a principle. I don’t want bad ideas to go unchallenged. At the moment Peterson is spewing out a lot of rubbish. However, he spews out that rubbish using big words. The thing is, these big words make him sound smart, and encourage hero worship amongst those who don’t have the ability to parse a message and filter out the content from the sophistry.

Bottom line is, everyone has a right to choose who they sleep with and who they don’t. The suggestion that in 2018 there should be some kind of quota to system to ensure no one misses out is one of the more half witted things I have heard for quite some time. If Peterson believe this, he’s an idiot. If he doesn’t and is just disingenuously putting ideas like this out there in order to line his pockets, it appears he has forgotten that whether he believes these things or not.. they are being ascribed to him as his ideas. That sticks around for ever.



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