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Measuring Up

I was brought up in a household with a mother who was a lapsed Catholic. What a disgusting religion that one is.

My grandmother, who I loved dearly, had one flaw. She was a devout Catholic.

So, even  though my mother was lapsed and we didn’t go to church, the church still permeated my life in a negative way.

It was a natural assumption that the doctrine of the church was true, even though we didn’t follow it, that was the underlying belief. I think this was fairly common back 30 or 40 years ago.

You accepted that Jesus died for your sins. I didn’t ask him to so he was pretty fucking stupid to do that wasn’t he?

You never asked why he did that. I mean it’s a stupid story isn’t it? Why the fuck would he even do that? And why do I now owe him and the Church a favour for him doing something for me that I didn’t even want him to do?

Well he didn’t really do it did he? He most likely didn’t even exist. Got that? Yes, he was most likely made up.

Why would they do that, you ask. Get real. It’s all about control. This perfect, all good, sinless individual died a horrible death, because you have the taint of original sin on your soul. It’s your fault that he suffered. If you weren’t so sinful, he wouldn’t have had to suffer for you. You nasty person. Now be grateful for his sacrifice and do as I tell you, because what I tell you is the will of Jesus and you owe him big time.

Bullshit. Right now to the Catholic Church I say fuck right off with that one. I’m not buying it any more. and nor should anyone else.

But the guilt is indelibly imprinted into your soul. You can never measure up the the standards of the church. Why? Because they don’t want you to. You need to feel inferior. You need to feel sinful.

Every week you go about your daily life and then on Sunday you are to confess your sins. The sins that are the normal part of existing in this world. All your life if you are foolish enough to stay in the church,  you do this ritual, which reinforces the idea that you are not worthy.

Only select people measure up in the eyes of the Church. They are known as saints. The Church themselves decide who is righteous and who isn’t. Our imaginary friend has told us who is good and who is bad.

And that is why I find the Catholic Church so utterly abominable. It’s a nasty trick. Setting standards you can never live up to and then castigating you for not living up to them. If it was a relationship between two people it would be an abusive one. “I am always angry at you because you keeping on doing the wrong thing all the time”.

People who find themselves in an abusive relationship, where no matter what they do the can do no right, are advised to leave that relationship. I recommend the same for all of those people who are in the Church. Recognise that it’s an abusive relationship you have with your imaginary friend and leave it.

I reject all of their bullshit. I want the stain of guilt that all Christian faiths have imposed on their followers to be gone.

I don’t care about your standards. I reject the concept of sin itself. I don’t need to measure up to rules that you have created specifically to manipulate. Go away and take your toxic religion with you.

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A guy obsessed with stripping down whatever field he studies to get the optimum return from effort expended. Sort of like Tim Ferriss, except with zero fame.

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