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How To Meditate (The Easy Way)

How To Meditate (The Easy Way)

I’ve recently discussed the benefits of meditation and how to get the benefits of meditation more quickly by using binaural beats. However, what I haven’t done is explain exactly how I managed to start a consistent meditation practise after years of trying to be consistent without success.

I would imagine that my story is not unusual. I suspect there are many people who have been told there are many benefits to meditation that they find appealing, but they have  trouble actually doing it.

In this way it’s not unlike exercise. People know they are going to get a benefit from exercise, hence why they make new years resolutions to hit the gym.. go in January and then don’t get around to it until next year’s new years resolution.

Also, like exercise, the benefits are not immediately apparent. This is absolutely toxic to our instant results, solution in a pill society.

I first began trying to meditate when I was 13. I would sit in the lotus pose (I could do it back then) and try to think of nothing. This is the information I had from a book – teach yourself yoga.

Frankly, this approach is entirely toxic to a beginner taking up meditation. Perhaps it’s doable for some buddhist monk to do this, but for the average person, it’s like getting your learner driver’s permit and entering the grand prix.

What would happen for the 13 year old me is that I would try not to think and fail miserably. I would also spend the entire time I was attempting to meditate wondering if time was up. Frankly this is a complete waste of time. it didn’t relax me or destress me. If anything it made me more stressed.

So fast forward a few years. I have finally found a way to meditate that is easy and that I can do consistently. I feel the benefits – a greater calmness and ability to focus – and once you get these benefits, it encourages you to continue your practise of meditation.

The first point to make is that trying not to think for a novice meditator is not something that will really work. You need to give yourself permission to let your mind wander. Let thoughts just pass through your mind as you meditate.

Think of meditation as nothing more than a deep relaxation session. Expect nothing more than that from it. Once you have changed what you expect from meditation it immediately becomes easier.

Now let’s go through the method. I personally like to lie down and meditate, although some people suggest that you may fall asleep if you lie down. For this reason, many prefer to sit when they meditate. If you sit, you don’t need to do the whole lotus pose, or even sit cross legged on the floor if you don’t want to. If someone insists that you must do it this way, well insistence is dogma, so just ignore them. You are doing this for the benefits you get; you are not doing this to conform to anybody else’s idea of how things should be done.

The most important thing is that you are comfortable. You don’t want any thoughts of discomfort in your body distracting you from meditation. If you are sitting, you should be fairly upright – this is not dogma, this is because you want to be able to breathe properly; it’s an important part of meditation.

So once you are comfortable, shut your eyes and simply start breathing. As you breathe, count your breath. One the in breath, count 1. On the out breath count 2. Do this until you reach a count of 10 and then start at 1 again. As you count your breath, focus on the breath coming in the nostrils.

And that’s it. What? You thought there would be more? Well you were wrong. It’s not rocket science. Simple is always best.

When you start, do it for a couple of minutes. Get in the habit of doing it a couple of minutes a day. Once you have got used to the idea of setting aside a couple of minutes day, increase the amount of time you spend on it. Twenty minutes a day will get you the results you seek.

Over time, it becomes very easy and very enjoyable. You find you get deeply relaxed and far from it being a chore when you are doing something as unrealistic as trying to stop all thoughts, it becomes a joy.

To enhance the meditation, plug in your headphones and use binaural beats while you count the breath.

If you are not currently meditating but want to, try this method. You will get results.

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