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Whey Protein – A Key Fountain Of Youth Ingredient

Whey Protein – A Key Fountain Of Youth Ingredient

Whey protein is one of those things I wish I had discovered a long time ago. It has been around for ever, but it just seemed so basic. Why use it when you could just load up on milk, eggs and steak?

In addition to that, I may have mentioned before that Weider magazines had poisoned the well when it came to supplements. OK, I get it, advertisers make claims all the time that are exaggerated, but outright lies? Come on.

It builds muscle and burns fat? The results are astounding, like steroids. Ha. You know what works like steroids? Steroids, that’s all.

After you gullibly hand over your cash enough times for the latest “works like steroids” potion, you get cynical. Just eat well, train hard and everything else is bullshit. I for one focused on perfecting my training, getting maximum output for the input.

However as a result I neglected the key role that nutrition plays in getting results from physical training. And believe me, it does. As only someone who has been on a seafood (see food and eat it) diet for years can attest when they finally get extraordinary results from changing their nutrition.

In fact, in order to get the maximum results from your training, there are many things you should do, from what you do pre workout to what you do to recover. I have always been someone who just turns up and starts lifting. You don’t reach your potential that way.

But anyway. I started taking whey protein on the advice of a friend who said  it had given him good results. I take it in conjunction with another supplement, creatine, that is also a supplement that actually works.

At the time I started taking it, I felt that age was finally catching up with me. My shoulder was chronically sore and as a result, the weights I could lift on the bench press was falling. I began taking whey protein and that all turned around, so much so that I started lifting weights that I hadn’t done for several years.

This for me is what I consider proof of the effectiveness of the product. Results are what count. What I am talking about here is added muscle mass (most people prefer this to fat), and strength gains. This is what people lift weights for isn’t it?

The irritating thing for me of course is that I find this at this my age. If only, I say to myself. I wonder how much better an athlete I could have been in my prime by applying some of the knowledge I have now. But that’s by the by. Can’t turn back the hands of time. But what I can do is advise others. If you seek results from any training  – not just in the weights room but for any sport you do – whey protein is essential.

I am all about little easy to implement things that magnify the results of what you do. Whey protein definitely meets my criteria of something that gives you great bang for bucks. And speaking of bucks – it’s very affordable. I pay $95 dollars for 5 kilos. That takes me about 6 months to get through. It’s an absolute pittance for the results I get.

In addition to increased muscle mass, it also reduces hunger. The hormone that tells your brain that you’re hungry is grehlin. Whey protein significantly lowers the level of grehlin in your system for hours after taking it.

Finally, and I can’t fully verify this, but several sources are suggesting this may be the case, whey protein mimics the effects of calorie restriction. In case you weren’t aware, calorie restriction is very effective in not only improving lifespan but also help slow the effects of aging.

To use it, i make a smoothie, just a regular old smoothie, whatever you normally have in smoothies – i.e. to your taste. Into the smoothie I add 30 grams of whey and 10 grams of creatine. If I am exercising I will drink half prior to the exercise and half post exercise.

So whey protein is something I recommend you try if you want to improve results from any physical training.

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