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The Number One Self Defence “Secret”.

The number one self defence secret


These days, mixed martial arts has sorted out the wheat from the chaff. It used to be that karate masters would have this aura of invincibility that was not fact, it was just because they were not challenged. “Oh you can’t mess with him, he’s a fifth dan”.

Fifth dan in what precisely? If the guy is fifth dan in something that is useless, he’s a fifth dan of nothing.

That’s the thing about testing martial arts through combat sports, things that aren’t effective just fall away.

There are people in MMA right now with karate backgrounds, but they have usually had to modify their training and make their striking more kick boxing like. As for kung fu, it just doesn’t get into the cage. Apparently tiger claws don’t cut it when compared to overhand rights.

When tested in the cage, reputations and folklore count for nothing. Bruce Lee said, “Ninety Five per cent of martial arts is bullshit”. MMA has cut that bullshit right away.

Now the problem with this is that MMA is a sport. Now bear with me here. I’m not one of these guys who say, “but MMA is *JUST* a sport”, because I have some you beaut street combat system that is unbeatable.

If you read that anywhere, keep walking. They don’t. That is a bullshit peddler. That is how teachers kept people learning their martial art system in the past. If you study with me for 10 years, you will learn the deepest secrets that will allow you to become invincible.. now that is rubbish. Fact is, a trained mixed martial artist is going to mess you up in a bar fight.

No.. what I mean about MMA being a sport is exactly that.. like any other sport it takes time and dedication. It is not well suited to the average person who just wants to know a bit about looking after themselves so that they are not a victim to some thug in a bar.

It’s like playing rugby. You have to train twice a week and play on Saturdays, as well as an extra couple of runs a week and perhaps a couple of weights sessions. It’s a serious time investment.

And why do you need such a time investment unless you intend to compete, just to be ready for that one time in your life when you get accosted? That’s what I’m saying.

So I’m here now to tell there is one “secret” that every streetwise martial artist can teach you that is guaranteed to make you capable of defending yourself at any time.

I said earlier about the fantasy peddled that you will learn a magical technique after 10 years of training. Well the truth is that the day you walk into a gym or dojo is the day you learn the magical technique if you are talking a striking art. As soon as they show you a punch that is the “secret technique”.

Self defence can be summed up in five words.. “Learn to hit fucking hard”. That’s it.

Yes I know there are many people who will say, “what about angles, timing, movement, footwork” and so on. Yeah sure, they are handy too. For people who train for combat sports. And of course if you have those skills too, they will come in handy if you are attacked in a pub.

However, stripped to the core, hitting hard is the one skill you need. In a pub, the guy isn’t dancing around. There isn’t a 21 foot square ring. There are tables and chairs and obstacles all around you. The guy is in your face, maybe 18 inches away from you. In these circumstances, hitting the guy hard is the only tool you need.

Unfortunately it kind of fucks up martial arts teachers, doesn’t it? All you need is some training in punching technique, then buy a punching bag, hang it up in your garage and start practising. No lessons twice a week for 10 years.. no money for the teacher.. damn.

I guess that’s why martial arts teachers don’t tell you this.

There are a few other skills you need to successfully defend yourself, such as fear control, the fence, situational awareness et c. However, when the rubber hits the road, you need a tool. That tool is a solid punch.

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A guy obsessed with stripping down whatever field he studies to get the optimum return from effort expended. Sort of like Tim Ferriss, except with zero fame.

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