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The Floor Press

The Floor Press

When it comes to getting stronger on your bench press, the floor press is an essential tool. It may be becoming more commonly know these days thanks to the internet, but for years it was a secret reserved for serious weightlifters.

One thing I love about it (apart from the brute strength it adds) is the sheer simplicity of it. Chrome and cables are not for me. A bench, a bar, heavy weights and maybe a few dumbells for some variety.

It sounds like this would make for very limited workouts, but it is in fact quite the opposite. You need creativity. You also need an inquiring mind. I have learnt so much about exercises that few people use these days thanks to not using any machines. Old school physical culturist types of exercises that the pioneers of weight lifting used in the days before steroids and nautilus machines. Exercises that add slabs of muscle to the skinniest frame.

With the floor press, you don’t even need a bench. Just a bar, some weight and a few bricks to put the bar on prior to lifting it off.

The exercise is the same as your regular bench press, only instead of lying on a bench, you’re lying on the floor (bet you never saw that coming).

I have a few bricks on the floor that I rest the bar upon before lifting it, simply for practical purposes. My forearms are too long for me to go directly under the bar. I then just lift the bar off the bricks and start lifting.

Why does it work? Two reasons really. Firstly, when you are on a bench with your feet on the floor, you get a lot of push from your feet. When you take away that, you only have your upper body strength to use. It changes a lot.

The second reason is that you don’t get to be able to use momentum. When your elbows hit the floor and you push off, it’s as if you are pushing off from a dead start. This in itself forces your body to recruit more muscle.

Anyway that’s my understanding of it. It’s a fairly basic understanding. I’m sure other people can give a much better explanation. Explanations aside, what I know is that it works. And what I mean by works is that I use it every single time I use it, my bench press goes up. For me that is enough to do it for a few workouts every couple of weeks.

Whatever you training goals are, I recommend that if you haven’t already, you should add floor press to your toolbox.

Anyway, enough talk. Check out the video below for how to perform the floor press.

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