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The search for the magical elixir

The search for the magical elixir

After my post about broccoli I started to muse about why it is that people always want a magic pill or potion as the solution to all their problems in life, fitness, personal, financial or whatever.

What sells is a miracle new supplement (until it doesn’t because it is clear it is no more effective than than the last miracle new supplement).

The same for exercise equipment. Each new device sold on infomercials can “be folded away conveniently under your bed”. The reason that they do this is they know full well that after a week, that is where these devices will be put and stay until they are thrown away one day.

I would personally prefer that they make devices can’t be put under the bed, that they have to stay out to remind you every time you walk past them on the way to the kitchen.

So anyway. The thing is that there isn’t a miracle new supplement. There isn’t a special exercise where you can get as fit as you want without effort.

However, I do accept that it is simply human nature to want to get stuff without working for it, which is why these things are so seductive to people.

With some of the stuff I suggest, people may look at and go, “hang on, aren’t you always looking for the easy way to do stuff? No I’m not actually. I’m always looking for the smart way.

I simply don’t subscribe to the “more is better” idea. Because more is simply not better; it’s just more. When it comes to anything, if you do too much, you are simply less effective.

Why for example if you get optimum results from 1 set of weights per body part (ie. more than doing 2 or more sets) why would you do more? It’s foolish.

Along that line, you’d think I’d be all for some magical elixir that gives me superior health results to anything else I have encountered. Well yes I would. But I have experience here. And I think anyone who has tried bodybuilding would have a similar experience with the claims of people selling the latest elixir.

In muscle and fitness magazines, there was always the latest and greatest “miracle supplement”. Lose fat, build muscle was always the thing. None of them worked. But you continued to buy the next one that made the same claim, until finally you got wise. Someone was selling this stuff to you. They were making money out of it.

You can’t make money out of broccoli. Well not anything over the odds, like a health supplement. Same with Milk and your basic food stuff.

So stop looking for the magic elixir, eat a balanced diet and work out with an exercise that you enjoy.

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A guy obsessed with stripping down whatever field he studies to get the optimum return from effort expended. Sort of like Tim Ferriss, except with zero fame.

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