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The power of the one punch knockout

The power of the one punch knockout

Japanese Karate is all about the theory of the one punch knockout. In the perfect Japanese world one punch is all you need to deal with a threat.

It’s a wonderful idea. It’s one of the best concepts when it comes to self defence. People who are capable of hitting really hard are capable of dealing with any number of opponents very quickly.

Only problem is that it can be very hard, in fact almost impossible at times to connect with that one shot. It’s why traditional martial arts have fallen out of favour in the modern world. MMA sorted out a lot of the wheat from the chaff with respect to martial fantasy and reality.

Back 20 years ago, if you find a copy of UFC 1  to watch, it was a strange mix of unusual characters who entered the very first Octagon. Karate masters in gis, sumo wrestlers, savate fighters.

What happened was that some people who were very highly ranked in their respective disciplines found that a dan ranking counted for not much when the other guy could do anything and didn’t have to fight your fight.

Since its humble beginnings MMA has really taken off, and traditional martial arts have to some extent taken a back seat.

However, the one punch knockout remains one of the most compelling feats if you can pull it off. It ALWAYS draws a huge roar from the crowd. It’s good to be able to box and move so that you are not dependent entirely on that one big punch, but being able to connect just once and end is almost a super power. Unfortunately it’s a super power that is very rare.

There is however one man who seems to have that super power. Anthony “rumble” Johnson. Currently a contender in the UFC light heavyweight division.

He was recently beaten by Daniel Cormier who managed to evade him for long enough to get him to tire and then beat him with wrestling. However even he was tagged and dropped once.

Rumble shows the incredible power of the one punch knockout, inasmuch as when you can execute it, there is nothing to beat it.

This guy is so powerful that anybody in the light heavyweight division he fights (a bunch of very tough guys I might add) is in danger of taking a little nap from ANY of his punches.

I don’t think that I have ever seen a puncher like that. Most fighters can connect well and will get a one punch knockout from time to time, but most fighters have strong chins and can take a hit. It is almost unheard of for a professional fighter to have to be wary of being hit at all by an opponent.

But Johnson? Well everyone who steps in the ring with him has that problem. Most recently it was Glover Texeira. There was a bit of dancing around, not a single punch by either man had connected, then BANG! The very first punch of the fight that connected was the last punch of the fight. WOW.

And that is it. There is something about the one punch knockout that is special. It is the holy grail of human unarmed combat. The ideal is neutralising the threat as quickly as possible. Nothing quicker than a single punch.

And since it was in the picture at the top of the page, why not a quick look at Rock Marciano knocking out Jersey Joe Walcott?


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