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Recover More Quickly From Exercise With Glutamine

Recover More Quickly From Exercise With Glutamine

When I talk about supplementation I am talking about it from the viewpoint of some one who wants bang for bucks. I want results. I want results that align with my training and health goals.

My goals these days are to reach a high level of functional strength; have good limit strength but also muscular endurance, cardio vascular health and flexibility. Meanwhile I also seek to avoid joint degradation,lower my body fat and have high energy levels for the demands of daily life and all around as good a health as I can have.

On the subject of good health I constantly research, first putting on my bullshit detector. There’s a lot of pseudo science on the internet. That all has to be filtered out. Once I have completed my research I experiment on myself with products that have made the cut. Then once I can say I have definitely got tangible results with a particular product or method I write about it.

My latest idea for overall good health is raising your growth hormone levels, which is where glutamine supplementation comes in. apparently it can raise your growth hormone levels naturally.

Anyway, my intent for this post is to give you the information you need, without fluff. I decided on this while researching glutamine and reading article after article without getting answers to my questions. So from here on, this article starts asking the how, when and why of glutamine and gives you the concise answers without bullshit.

What Is Glutamine?

Glutamine is the most common amino acid in your body. It occurs naturally in beef, chicken, fish and pork, as well as dairy foods. Beans and some vegetables are good sources too.

Why Should I Supplement With It If It Occurs Naturally?

because glutamine gets severely depleted by intense exercise. Levels of cellular glutamine can drop by 50% after exercise and take up to 6 days to fully recover. It’s one more time where we get superior results by giving mother nature a helping hand. We find out what gets severely depleted by the exercises we do and add that little bit extra. Glutamine is one of those things. If you supplement with it you will feel the benefits.

What Are The Benefits Of Glutamine Supplementation?

The main benefits and why I take it are:

  • It assists in workout recovery.. because..
  • It helps prevent catabolism. bodybuilders will be familiar with this term It is the opposite of anabolism. Catabolism is where the muscle cells are eaten up.. to (quite ironically) provide glutamine for other muscle cells. In other words, you lack glutamine, your body has to find it somewhere. And if that’s in other muscle cells then that’s where the glutamine is coming from.
  • Now this is the big one. (well they’re all big aren’t they?), which I mentioned earlier in the post. Apparently glutamine helps increase growth hormone levels. Without going into too much detail (something for another post perhaps?) growth hormone is a cure all hormone that assists with increasing muscle mass and lowering body fat, which of course is the direction we want to be going in.
  • And finally a controversial one. It can help heal a “leaky gut”. I say controversial because I don’t like to stray into the grounds of pseudo science as many blogs do. This blog is in no way scientific, but I do like to write about stuff that is actually verified by by science. But anyway here goes. Leaky gut is blamed for all sorts of health problems (even though there is debate about its very existence), so take glutamine to assist in with healing these.  In general though, stepping away from from the leaky gut claim, it is important for gut health and more and more every day, researchers are finding that the gut plays a central role in overall health. So whether you believe in leaky gut or not, it’s going to help.

How Should I Take Glutamine?

Two to three times a day should do the job. I take it in the morning and in the evening before bed. You can also take it after a workout if you want. Five grams per time does the trick for me. I’m getting it at 40 dollars for a kilo, so 10 grams a day is 100 days of supplementation. Quite economical really – 40 cents a day. You can spend the money you save not eating on your intermittent fasting days on glutamine.

Why Should You Listen To A Word I Say?

Now here’s a good question. There’s a lot of bullshit on the internet these days, so why believe a word from anyone? Quite simply, results. Researching and applying performance enhancement has become my passion. I am a human guinea pig for everything I write about. If it gets results it’s in. If it doesn’t.. bye bye.

About 9 months ago, I was struggling when it came to weight lifting. I figured that perhaps father time had caught up with me. My bench press was dropping and I had a chronic shoulder injury that I was just learning to train through. Since then I have put 35 kilos on my single rep maximum bench press. This has happened since I began to supplement with whey protein, creatine and glutamine. This is a real and tangible result, and I believe anyone reading this who does the same will see results.

One thing about me is that I’m an ordinary guy, not a superstar. I have average genetics. I was reasonable at sports I played but not a standout. I was a skinny kid too, definitely not one of those people who looks at a weight and puts on muscle. So what I’m saying is that the results I’m getting are more likely to be applicable to the average person, rather than some sports superstar who finds he gets results no matter how he trains or what he ingests.

For more on glutamine, check out live strong.


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