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Paleo Schmaleo

Paleo Schmaleo

I have a friend who jumps on band wagons like the paleo and raw foods diets. That’s fine if he wants to do that; it’s his business.

However, I won’t be joining him any time soon. I find things like paleo cult like. Before long they have their own evangelists and zealots, and then of course splinter groups who say they are the “true” paleo followers.

It’s like when I studied martial arts.. thousands of different styles, because their style was the “true” way to beat other people to a pulp.

By my own nature I am wary of zealots. I find them offensive types, largely because they are not satisfied with having a view of the world. They want to push it onto other people and are annoyed when they can’t see how clearly correct their world view is.

“But you would be so much healthier if you did this”, screams the zealot. Well maybe, maybe not. According the almighty Wikipedia The British Dietetic Association named the paleo diet as among the five worst celebrity-endorsed diets of 2015, saying it risks being “unbalanced, time consuming, and socially isolating” and so “a sure-fire way to develop nutrient deficiencies”.

Personally I know I could eat better. I know I would like to eat a lot more greens than I do. But also I want to eat pizza when I feel like it, and fish and chips. Now I know cavemen didn’t eat these things because they didn’t have pizza ovens and deep fryers. However, I’m sure if they did, they would be cooking pizza.

In addition to the zealots, we also have the capitalists. In researching this article I found that food can now get “paleo approved” certification. When I found this out I went, “for flocks sake” or something like that.

And that’s the thing. Fad diets and fad diet “communities” make someone money as sheep flock to them. Books are sold. First one book telling about the diet, then another book at a later stage when there are new “findings”.

In the meantime health departments throughout the world put out the healthy eating pyramid. Lots of greens, a little less meats, a little less dairy and even fewer sweets. Unfortunately you can’t monetize that, since it’s freely available in most western countries and easily found by a google search on “healthy eating pyramid”.

My diet prescription? Eat as many greens as you can, and then whatever takes your fancy, along with a daily probiotic and plenty of fibre. Oh yeah and exercise… now, how can I monetize that?

Image Source:  cédric Icower from Paris, France (Recette paléo facile Carotte et jambon cru) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


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