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The Number One Healthy Diet Tip

The Number One Healthy Diet Tip

There is so much information about a healthy diet.

Read any book and it’s do this. Do that. Too much information.

I find that the world is full of diet zealots. I shouldn’t be surprised. The world is full of zealots in general.

The anti milk people always make me laugh.. such emotion and anger expended over a simple food product. “We weren’t designed to drink milk”, they say. Yes we were. We are omnivores. Anything we can digest is fair game.

Then of course there is the paleo diet. If you really want to do that, go for it. Reality is that once again, it’s zealotry. A 21st century marketer tells the modern world that cavemen were much healthier because this is the way they ate. Rubbish. No they weren’t. They didn’t have heart disease because their life expectancy was 30.

So you end up not really bothering about diet too much, because you can’t meet the exacting standards of the zealots. Ate a pizza last night? Damn, there goes the paleo diet. May as well go off it and splurge on hamburgers.

But what if there were one or two super tips that were more important than all the other stuff put together?

well there are.

I tend to always work on the 80/20 rule. Twenty percent of what you do is responsible for 80 percent of your results. This true for exercise. It is true for nutrition. It is true for relationships. It is true for business.

In the case of nutrition, the number one cause of poor health in my opinion is related to digestion and elimination. Researchers are now finding that the bowel regulates the immune system. It also assists in the maintenance of a healthy liver. Why do I know this? Because I spend a lot of time researching the stuff that is at the core of good health.

Systemically, if you are unhealthy it affects all performance. If your bowel isn’t healthy, your liver isn’t healthy. If your central nervous system is overloaded and your endocrine system is overloaded too (think adrenals here), your overall health will suffer.

So at the core of good health is the bowel. There are 2 things that can help bowel health and as a result improve every area of your health.

Firstly, fibre. This is the secret of overall good health. If you’re not getting enough, take a supplement.

secondly probiotics. Yoghurt is good for this. Or you can take a supplement for this too.

Do these two things and see an immediate improvement in your overall health.

Image Source: from USA (WildWood Probiotic Soyogurt) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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