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Coffee – It’s Practically A Superfood

Coffee – It’s Practically A Superfood

One of the things that constantly bemuses me about the subject of diet is the passions that it inflames and as a result the misinformation that is propagated by people with an agenda and opinions formed on the basis of emotion. I recently wrote about how opinions, far from being rational are usually based in emotion.

For this reason it is usually hard for people to change their mind on just about any topic once their opinion is formed. We then get the extreme ends of this with militant veganism, where the use of any animal product is considered such a crime that it should be punishable by death! This is not an exaggeration by the way. Look up Freelee the banana girl. OK she is at the extreme end of the lunatic fringe, but she has a following.

When it comes to the list of maligned foods that remain maligned now despite changes in our understanding of nutrition, we have coffee. Whenever I research topics the same stuff comes up.. get rid of eggs, get rid of dairy, get rid of fat, get rid of coffee. Hang on guys, that is old news. You’re fighting the last war.  The new war is the war on sugar.

Why people still bang on about coffee, I don’t know. I guess they were told something once and it just stayed there. And as I have already noted before, once someone’s opinion is formed, it’s almost impossible to change it.

You are always entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts. And the facts are impressive when it comes to coffee. I have already mentioned about the boost caffeine gives workouts. This is not minor by the way. Try it and you will find out. It is a huge boost.

We have all known about the stimulant effects of coffee, so that one isn’t really a surprise is it? So what, I hear you say. It can stimulate you and improve performance while still being bad for you can’t it? Yes, that is the orthodoxy I grew up with, but it’s simply wrong.

It appears that the studies that suggested the bad things associated with coffee were actually very poorly designed. For example, not taking into account  other habits of people, such as their cigarette usage and other unhealthy lifestyle choices. How they could do that I don’t know, but it’s true. One thing about science is that the quality of the design of the study has a very large bearing on the outcomes.

To start off with, coffee is actually very good for the liver. Now I bet that’s a shock to the anti coffee brigade. It helps protect the livers of heavy drinkers, and people who drink 4 cups a day of coffee have an 80% lower risk of liver disease. I like those odds.

Another great benefit is that coffee is one of the few natural substances that can help you lose fat. We all want weight loss in a pill, well it’s weight loss in a cup. People search far and wide for weight loss in a pill.. slick marketers tout acai berries and the like. Meanwhile, people ignore that which is under their nose that is a lot less sexy and a lot more common place.. can’t fleece people of more than 4 dollars a cup for Nescafe can you?

OK, what else? Well how about this for a list?

  • Lower risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Protection from Alzheimer’s and dementia
  • May lower the the risk of Parkinson’s
  • Lower the risk of stroke
  • Protect against some type of cancers, including liver and colorectal cancer.

You can find the detailed list here.

Of course, while researching this, I still found people who advocate giving up coffee, based on, you guessed it – studies from the 80s. Guys we’re now in 2017. New information has come along. When new information comes along, change your minds, don’t ignore it!

There are obviously  some caveats with coffee. I, like many people for example, can’t drink coffee after a certain time of the day without suffering from insomnia.

Anyway, if you’ve ever thought about giving up coffee for health reasons (because of outdated advice), now you can have a cup or two without guilt.

PS – don’t go mental on this. Just because I say coffee is good for you, I’m not saying 15 cups a day is good for you!

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