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4 Yoga Poses That Skyrocket Your Performance In Any Sport

4 Yoga Poses That Skyrocket Your Performance In Any Sport

I don’t just do weights you know. If you read through the articles on this blog it may seem that way. But to me they are just a tool in your toolbox that you use to train certain aspects of your health. For areas of health not related to strength and muscular endurance, in fact for virtually all other areas of health I use use yoga.

Why? Because it is the tool that fits best when it comes to training so many attributes of fitness. Also the benefits of various poses are often multi faceted. For example, you can perform a pose that aids shoulder stability but which also tighten the core and improves balance and coordination at the same time.

Taking up a competitive sport is a great thing, because if you are analytical, you will start examining all of the areas of your fitness that you will need to improve in order to improve your game. I recently decided to take up judo, at age 51. Debates over the wisdom of that aside, it has been great in making it necessary for me to assess where I am when it comes many components of fitness.

Most competitive sports where you are pitted directly against an opponent (or group of opponents in team sports) require you to train similar attributes – strength and cardio obviously but also balance and agility. And once again, for most sports, balance agility and co-ordination tend to trump brute strength that is not able to be focused.

When the penny finally dropped about how important these attributes were, I turned to yoga for assistance. For weeks I have been tailoring my training to my new sport. I need leg mobility – add plenty of leg stretches. I need rotational strength – add some twists.. et c.

Next attribute, the aforementioned balance, coordination and agility. Well there are poses to improve these attributes. Plus as special bonus  they also improve proprioception – your body’s understanding of where each body part is in relation to each other body part at any given time (ok I’ll grant you, it may be a fancy word for agility).

But wait there’s more. One of the things I love about yoga is its synergistic nature; that is as you add attributes they improve the other attributes, so that the total becomes more than the sum of the parts. In this case, the balance poses improve so many other things that you would be foolish not to put them as a high priority.

When you perform the balance poses, they also improve core strength and flexibility.

The thing for me about these poses is that I once had a very one dimensional view of Yoga. It was for flexibility only. How narrow a view that was! Now I know better. My journey of discovery has found that it is for so much more. There is not one single physical attribute that yoga does not address.

Anyway, enough of the preamble, let’s have a look at these poses. The first is the tree pose, or vrikasana.


Next we have the half moon pose or Ardha Chadrasana.


Then there is the lord of the dance pose, or natarajasana:


Finally there is warrior III or Virabhadrasana III:


If you do these poses regularly I think you will find that you will see vast improvements in whatever sport you do.


Image Sources:

Warrior III: Lilianwhite (Own work) [CC BY 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Half Moon Pose, Tree Pose and lord of the dance pose: Kennguru (Own work) [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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