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“Ask the Experienced, not the learned”

– Arabic Proverb

This blog is the accumulated knowledge of a lifetime of pursuit of my interests. My interests are generally along the path of being the best I can be mentally and physically, on my terms.

I have always had an interest in physical fitness and an analytical mind, so over the years I have applied that analytical capacity to the field of weight training in particular. Rather than just continue to do what everybody else did, I sought out knowledge. Usually the path of that knowledge was to make my training more efficient, to achieve more with less. Less time, less equipment. Stripping things back to the very basics and getting superior results.

Superior of course in terms of tangible results. Bigger. Stronger, better aerobic capacity.

But what about genetics? Was I getting more than others because I was a natural athlete? Far from it. I was a skinny kid with no great athletic skill. Yet I still managed in my prime to squat 600 pounds for reps.

I am a great fan of the 80/20 rule (the Pareto principle). Stated simply it means that 80 per cent of your results come from 20 pr cent of your efforts – in whatever area you apply it. For example if you are in business 80 per cent of your income is likely to come from 20 per cent of your customers.

It is along this path that my interests lie. In every endeavour I undertake I seek to identify the most successful 20 per cent of what I do and take a knife to the rest of the tasks.